Web design – The most important factors

Usability and structure

One of the most important factors in website construction is the usability of a page.
The important things in terms of usability are:


As a web designer should develop browser-independent and an independent operating system. That is, a website needs to be usable with any browser in any common operating system. This includes but not that the layout / design is perfect when viewing. It can be a little distorted (actually only applies to Netscpae4.x).


Informally by all webmasters, 800 x 600 pixels is regarded as the standard.

Font readability

People will read long texts, but generally, butsuch texts do not appeal to most people, unless they specifically search certain information. Nevertheless, the document should be understood to be read in each case. Most traditional and best is black on white. The yellow text, for example, almost did not recognize here. Blue text can be read on Red actually not. Black / dark text colours can be read on light pastel colours well. Also very very bright letters on a dark background can be read relatively well.

Loading times

If there is one thing, which makes consumers happy, there are, certainly, the good load times. Modem and ISDN users are short when loading they simply save money. Fast loading times can be achieved by a good image compression and a clever design with tables, frames or CSS, which takes as little code to complete. In addition, data-heavy elements (e.g., Java applets, Flash animations, huge passages, large background images, etc.) can be determined. Optimize the amount of data or if it possible, remove it completely.


Animations mean in large amounts of data and therefore have bad effects on the charging time. A visitor feeling rather annoyed from blinking or moving things rather than interested in them. Animations really should be used to produce a certain effect, to arouse interest as an important part of the website. If you ever noticed, the basic structure of web pages while you surf mostly remains the same and often changes only slightly on the content.

DMOZ Listing – The Holy Grail of SEO

We often hear in the “SEO Scene” from DMOZ. An entry in DMOZ should enter a PageRank boost almost incredible extent. However, what is DMOZ at all and is there any truth in this rumor? Is the DMOZ entry really the holy grail of search engine optimization?

DMOZ – The Open Directory Project

DMOZis called Open Directory Project. What is this? The reason that DMOZ is a simple directory of websites. Every webmaster can make an application to be included in the Open Directory Project. One has to divide his own website in certain categories.

The classes begin at the top category “World”. Then comes the language, for example, “German”. Then comes a first order such as “computer”, “culture” or “media.” Then follow other various subcategories. DMOZ is important in the fact that the entire website is exclusively manually monitored and maintained by editors. Here, then, no script evaluates the websites. The webmaster will manually via a form for admission. The editors from the Open Directory Project look at the website and then decide positively or negatively about a recording.

The rumour of DMOZ

For years, the rumour held that an entry in the Open Directory is practically a free ride to the top of any Google rankings.

The fact

To understand why the entry into DMOZ has an effect on the Google ranking, we must think ourselves short in the engine logic. Google wants to present to users, so the seeker, perfect results. This happens through a sophisticated algorithm for ranking of web pages that Google constantly revised and improved. However, there is always a downside. A machine is not working now twice as good as a man.

What could be better than to rely on the assessment of DMOZ, here where human editors verify all websites yet? It is logical that Google recognizes here a very valuable backlink and this used as an indicator for ranking.

Google Adwords and the right keywords

If your website is first online, you have to deal among other things with the marketing theme. This is not always easy.

When it comes to selling a product

What advertising revenue should be achieved? On the other hand, should a brand be marketed? Each one needs to address the issue of advertising differently.

Sign in with Google Adwords

At least one test is worth it. To log in to the Google Adwords network, it is more than simple. If you already have a free Google account, you must only be unlocked Adwords.

If you do not yet have a suitable Google account, it must be created. Then you can register for Google Adwords. After registering, you will receive a bonus for first commercial use. Of course you can also promote your own keywords and without the assistance of Google.

Keyword Analysis

Very important in any use of advertising media is the optimization of keywords. Google provides some useful tools for this purpose. Among other things, the Google Keyword Tool, you can easily check how much individual keywords are frequented. Thus, one can estimate how what keywords are worth.

Some tools for keyword optimization

Meanwhile, there are some tools for keyword optimization. Some tools make it possible to detect and evaluate keywords of competitors. So can be seen for what keywords the competition on advertising. So a little insight into the keywords the competition is feasible. Is it useful to use the keywords the competition? This is a double-edged sword. For Web sites that sell products, which may represent an interesting means. Since the own shop will probably not be immediately in the top ten Google search results, it has been rewarding for keywords to advertise. An insight into the keywords the competition is undoubtedly interesting.

Optimize your own keywords

Another possibility is to optimize separate keywords. In addition, just this way provides a better option. If you find your own keywords, you can possibly beat a real bargain.

The right keywords

Picking the right keywords is a science in itself. Instead of “chocolate” to promote the keyword, would be a more interesting option might be the keyword ‘buy chocolate “or maybe even the keyword” buy blackberry Milka”.