DMOZ Listing – The Holy Grail of SEO

We often hear in the “SEO Scene” from DMOZ. An entry in DMOZ should enter a PageRank boost almost incredible extent. However, what is DMOZ at all and is there any truth in this rumor? Is the DMOZ entry really the holy grail of search engine optimization?

DMOZ – The Open Directory Project

DMOZis called Open Directory Project. What is this? The reason that DMOZ is a simple directory of websites. Every webmaster can make an application to be included in the Open Directory Project. One has to divide his own website in certain categories.

The classes begin at the top category “World”. Then comes the language, for example, “German”. Then comes a first order such as “computer”, “culture” or “media.” Then follow other various subcategories. DMOZ is important in the fact that the entire website is exclusively manually monitored and maintained by editors. Here, then, no script evaluates the websites. The webmaster will manually via a form for admission. The editors from the Open Directory Project look at the website and then decide positively or negatively about a recording.

The rumour of DMOZ

For years, the rumour held that an entry in the Open Directory is practically a free ride to the top of any Google rankings.

The fact

To understand why the entry into DMOZ has an effect on the Google ranking, we must think ourselves short in the engine logic. Google wants to present to users, so the seeker, perfect results. This happens through a sophisticated algorithm for ranking of web pages that Google constantly revised and improved. However, there is always a downside. A machine is not working now twice as good as a man.

What could be better than to rely on the assessment of DMOZ, here where human editors verify all websites yet? It is logical that Google recognizes here a very valuable backlink and this used as an indicator for ranking.

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